Monday, May 14, 2007

Upfronts I - NBC

So this is a precious time for TV addicts such as myself...
Though the formal TV season is coming to a close this is "upfronts" time....

Now let me say it.... based on NBC....
  • Woot! Scrubs is coming back.
  • Friday Night Lights is coming back... I suppose I should start watching the show.
  • This new show, "The IT Crowd" looks like it could be fun
  • Heroes of course (the Origins bit could be interesting.... love the idea of new content during the summer)
  • 30 Rock... The Office.... My Name is Earl... too easy decisions, though I am glad they are sticking with 30 rock.
  • "Lipstick Jungle" looks like it could be fun.....
And in the "there are no more new ideas category"
  • "Bionic Woman" - Really?
  • "Journeyman" - hmmm..... where have I seen this plot before... a person wandering around in time against his control.....
  • "Chuck" - ..... omg.... this is basically Jake 2.o all over again.....
And of course there is the "So Long, Farewell" category
  • Studio 60.... so smart.... so doomed.
  • Crossing Jordan - first to be deleted for space.... though the main character still looks cute they sadly did not qualify for the last category.

And the saddest category: "That show is still on?"

  • Medium, Las Vegas, ER

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