Monday, May 14, 2007

Celebrity Sightings and NYC

Stupid finals..... They take the fun out of life.
But now that I am free (and assuming the grade works out well I will be receiving my diploma from VCU in the next month or so) it feels good. Of course now I have my periodic depression that comes right before heading off to drill.

So I went up to NYC this weekend, me and my brothers (3 out of my 4 brothers, thats a big chunk of my family). Lots of walking, lots of eating (I swear, even now I still feel stuffed), lots of drinking. We had our requisite celebrity sighting (Colm Meaney). Yep, out of all the people in NYC I of course run into Chief O'Brian of Star Trek:TNG fame (and also Stargate..... ). We were so looking him up on my blackberry while we were in the job and of course I actually went and talked to him for a minute after having a few beers (my brothers gave me a hard time on it but they also were probably expecting it).

Lots of fun. We also got back home in time for us to go out to dinner with Mom.

The it was on to IT ninja stuff. Adding a eSATA drive to my Series 3 Tivo (typically they turn it on now that the TV season is just about over), setting my brother and my mom's Tivo's at home to control the Verizon FIOS boxes that were just installed, and moving my other brothers Tivo over to his place (finally).

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