Monday, July 02, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

After my fun in Pittsburgh (and an EXCELLENT meal at Generous George's in Alexandria) the GF and I went off to see the late showing ofDie Hard 4 at AMC Hoffman 22 (love this theater... so brings back the majesty of the movie theater). Surprisingly packed (we got just about the last 2 person spot in the theater).

So first of course as a native Washingtonian let me just rant for a little..... I HATE it when they use stand-in cities for my hometown (at least this one didn't have any Metro scenes.... those are just too painful when you have the BART or LA Subway standing in). Skyscrapers, odd toll lanes in odd tunnels, street names that don't exist.... ugh.... And the bad-guy helo's would so not have been able to get into the areas that it did (can you say interdicted airspace?)... And then you toss the whole cyber part in.... its not like I don't work in this field or anything.... too many things to comment on there.

That said..... almost the perfect summer movie. Excellent pace, cast was perfect (even down to my boy, Kevin Smith, as Morlock - the super hacker)... it was smooth... the pacing was excellent (never a glance at watch/phone moment), the requisite catch-phrases, plot made some sense and above all was well nigh-perfect on the whole stunts and effects category (they so deserve something when the Oscars come around).

9/10... An instant classic summer movie.

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