Monday, July 02, 2007


(with an "h".. the German in me just wants to leave it off apparently)
So this weekend I agreed to go with the GF to a family event in Pittsburgh. I decided that since she has met my family (the joys of living close to home) that it was only fair (and now since I learned on Friday that I would have to cancel on our beach trip (thank you Uncle Sam for scheduling a fricking physical at the last minute on me) that it was early pennance for that).

So after stopping at this cute little breakfast place in Gaithersburg it was on to Pburgh... Met the whole slew of family that day and next. Experience Eat 'N Park and then got a slew of Smile cookies to bring home (or to attempt... very few of them survived the trip home..).

Me and a Smiley:
(Special note... don't do this to someone while driving..... the car moved in bad way when she saw me do this to her on the trip back)

Then it was a quick stop for shopping (hello outlet mall..... me and mr Amex got a little workout and my wardrobe increased) and then home.

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