Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movies! (and other entertaining stuff)

On Friday night I saw Ratatouille ... It was a lot of a fun. Right from the beginning, with the alien abduction bit then right into the main feature it was a very enjoyable movie. 7/10

Loving -

  • Pysch - I loved the premier, and will definitely enjoy the 3 episodes that will be waiting for me when I return.

  • Burn Notice - also lots of fun. will definitely be looking forward to the set that is waiting for me on return as well

  • That my Tivo finally has a good HD

  • That my GF is now living a lot closer. Her being out in Reston was a pain.
  • That my best friend (from 1st grade) DV was in town last night.... I think we spent almost 4 hours catching up last night in Dremo's.... I m

Not so Loving...

  • That DC United blew a frigging 3 point lead.... that was just sad

  • That I have to leave my GF for 3 weeks... I hate that a decision that I made ealier is affecting her now.

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