Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living in a bubble

Every so often you come to realize that you live in a bubble. Particularly when you step outside it for a while.

Today was my first day of classes at GMU for the semester. I have decided to continue taking classes there and get another degree (in Information Systems Security and Assurance). Since I work in the government with everyone I deal with having a security clearance you sometimes really forget the makeup up the IT world. Boy did I get a reminder today. Of the 36 people in my class there were 3 white guys, one Asian, and EVERYONE else was from India.... Before I joined the government (almost 6 years now.. wow...) I used to work commercial clients and I guess I didn't notice and forgot. Its just jarring to pop out the norm that you get so used to..

Its pretty sad that there aren't more American Citizens in the class. I don't remember the numbers but the participation of AmCits in higher education (in particular the useful ones like engineering and science) is dreadfully low. I get scared for our future sometimes, since it seems that entertainment and education are one of our main exports, but eventually that will be produced elsewhere.


Kristin said...

I took a programming class for work a few months ago. Not only was I one of few Americans, I was the only woman.

danielobvt said...

Oh there were women in the class, just not American ones. For an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate course I was surprised that it was about 40% women, oddly higher than normal.