Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I got back at 11PM on Friday and am only now feeling up to writing about my two week ordeal.

Most of my squad (C/2/1 - Fishercats) from OCS....

Almost recovered from the Poison Ivy (it got on my face for gods sake.... my fricking face). Still not recovered on the sleep side.

Training sucked. Lots of time in the field, sleeping on the bare earth. Served as food for the local wildlife (chiggers.... so much bad information out there about them... I followed through with my resolution to do some research on it when I got back and good old Wikipedia didn't let me down.. here and here for more information on these pesky bugs... amazingly the mosquitos and ticks weren't even noticable).... But oh, the poison ivy..... There were some fields down there that make me shudder now... where it seems that every inch of the ground has this obnoxious plant on it. Luckily the Army cleaned me up a little right at the end, with a nice little shot and a treatment of drugs to decrease the effects. And the Combat Survival Water Test helped at the midpoint (thats me taking the plunge from the diving board below)

But overall I was kind of lucky. It could have been hotter, it could have rained a lot more, been buggier and overall sucked a lot more.

Interesting point.... Office Working City boys such as myself really cannot adapt to the type of weather down in Alabama in such a short time. This time last week I had received an IV of saline and electrolytes twice....

Its over and done with now, and now I just need to get things set for our graduation party on the 25th and then onward to joining my new Unit as a 2nd Lt.

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