Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A nipply problem.

Alright... So for whatever reason my last 3 GF's have been quick to point out that I have very hard nipples (and pretty sensitive.. at least for a guys)... Normally not a problem(maybe even an advantage at times), just something that has been noted on a consistent basis for quite some time.

Now to the crux of the problem... I remember when I was younger and noted that one or 2 fellows who finished their marathons (I grew up in Arlington so I have seen a few ends of the Marine Corp Marathon a couple of times when family have run it) had unfortunate spots of red on their shirts at the end of the race. I calmly filed that away under the "that’s weird category" and promptly forgot about it... until the past month or so.
See lately I have been clocking my longest runs ever (like the one last week that almost killed me). And um... all of a sudden I have a newfound respect for the above problem. It seems that even though I use really expensive, nice shirts (underarmor or Nike primarily) that is not soft enough. About a month ago I was definitely bleeding and it took a couple of days to heal. So I have now taken to wearing Band-Aids as I run (one fell off last week.... ouch). So now it looks like I am wearing pasties for my run... I forgot to take them off after a run 2 weeks ago and didn't notice until I was in the gym locker room... I so need to try some different solutions (Vaseline was just purchased to go with the Band-Aids so as to offer a redundant solution).

So god help me, I have a newfound respect of the steps that you ladies out there do to protect your breasts (damn, nipples getting rubbed raw hurts!).

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