Monday, October 15, 2007

An Army Weekend

Have I commented much about how much more I like Army stuff now that I am finished with that awful OCS stuff? No? Well suffice it to say that though this weekend was long (starting on Thursday and running until 2PM-ish on Sunday) it was successful. Most of the soldiers in my unit got Qual'd (including myself... 28/40. Not too shabby considering I have awful eyesight and great when you consider how long it took to get this result in Basic), we ran the ranges, no one got hurt and we got a congrats message later on Sunday evening. Not that I noticed as I was sacked out on the couch by then.

Long hours, expensive meals ($9 for the dinner? Are you kidding me!?), MRE's and a rough bed (slept in tents, rocky ground, with 40 people in earshot...), and of course the heady weight of command. No wonder I was pooped by the time we drove home.

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Kristin said...

Sounds exhausting!