Thursday, September 13, 2007

So glad I live in this country...

For all the claims of free speech being repressed in this country, you have stories such as this:

BBC News (oddly you get the most unbiased coverage from the BBC... when you pull up the story from other sources, such as ABC you get items tossed in such as "far right" and "shaved heads"). Though I did get the most shudder inducing quote from the ABC article:

"It is very important to remember that the freedom of assembly and
expression can be restricted to protect the rights and freedoms of others,
including the freedom of thought, conscience and religion," secretary general Terry Davis said. "

Yeah, we have problems in this country. But we still believe that people have the right to assemble, heck we even offer security if its going to be controversial (like anything involving that vile KKK). Whereas "The mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, banned the protest last month for fear it would cause problems with the city's immigrant population."

Its stories like this that make me sick when people continue to point at Europe as the bright and shining light that all others would do well to follow.. Please, give it a rest.

And BTW people.... it says freedom of speech.... it doesn't mean freedom of responsibility. If you say something then everyone (other than the government which should stay out of it) has the right to make you pay for it in their own way... (ie, you say something stupid about the Irish then I wouldn't expect my business would be heading to you again).

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