Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Strike Week 2.

Stop the insanity.... please!! Do you know the damage that you are doing to one of my favorite mediums, Television?
Do you understand the long term damage that you are doing? The corporations that you are fighting have deep pockets and can wait you out. Your fellow employees are not so lucky.. Look at the havoc that you are wreaking on them.
I just perused the latest EW (and watched the silly WGA video on youtube) and the number of shows that are in "inventory" is looking pretty pathetically low.. and god imagine the damage if this goes too far into the new year... into my precious pilot season... That would mean no new shows for the 2008 season.

I am sorry. I admit to not having much loyalty to unions (as a white collar worker I view them as absurd for the people of my class... I can do my own negotiating thank you very much!). But I think that you are doing irreparable damage to the very industry that you are trying to extract the money from. Get back to work!

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