Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Signal BOLCIII Continues

Tired.... I think that defines me right now. My time is warped to this evil wake-up time (we have to be at the PT field by 0525, which means that I need to be up by 0440 (40 minutes earlier than my 0520 wake-up at BOLC II). PT is trending toward exactly one hour, ending just in time to salute the flag for reveille at 0630. I ran it yesterday (its been almost 18 months since I have led PT... though I did a passable job), a 3.2 mile run around Barnes field. Today was all muscle failure, definitely feeling it later in the day. I passed the PT test on Friday (though I felt really ill taking it... I think I will be refraining from real food the DFAC (Dining Facilities)) with a score of 222 (on a 300 point scale, 180 is passing (60 in each event)) for a while from there, it did not agree with me.

And HOT.... I was so lucky for my BOLC II class, the weather at Benning was so mild and reasonable. But it caught up to me here.... Its 70 degrees when I head out for PT. Staying in the 90's during the day with high humidity. I break out in a sweat walking from my classroom to my car.

We have already started to take tests. I passed our first one, with a staggering 100% (yah me!). I know that they will get harder but its a good start.

I have also started training for this little thing, the German Proficiency Badge.. I think it will look good on my uniform and lets face it, with a german last name like mine it just sounds like something that I want to try for it.

PS, Energy Drinks are interesting. Since I have been so tired I have tried out a few, and one, Rockstar low carb, honest to god made me jittery (though it may have been the combination of the drink I had a bit earlier). I didn't even want to drive, I had to head over to the gym to burn the caffine out of my system.


Kristin said...

Hot and caffeinated? That sounds dangerous. Congrats on the great test score!

Unknown said...

Hey i'll be going to signal school in a couple months any way you can send me some advance sheets so i have somthing to study before i get there?

Unknown said...

you can use my gmail or e-mail me at curtis.p.chartschlaa@us.army.mil

Chuyển Hàng Quốc Tế said...
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