Monday, June 16, 2008


It's funny. I have lived in/near big cities my whole life (DC, Boston, NYC, Houston, SF) and serve in the National Guard but I have never really encountered any violence in my life. Until Saturday night. I decided to get out of my room and check out downtown Augusta. Set up in a bar, listened to music and observed the crowd.

This one group caused me to notice them, as some of their members were admitted to the bar and some were denied. They drifted away.

About half an hour a group (3 or so guys) of that party returned and continued to argue with the bouncer. In a blink the bouncer gets jumped, with them smashing a bottle on him and then shoving him down and were kicking/punching him. In a flash (as I turned to let the bartender know that their security was getting attacked) the Bouncer then stabs one of the assailants. Assailants run away (saw the ambulance down the street as they arrested the bouncer). I am the only witness to the events leading up to the event(it happened so fast I barely had time to notify the bartender).

I am so on the bouncers side... with the original assault and the odds he was completely justified in response. In a poor situation, not defensible nor with anything resembling good odds (and support quite a bit away).

A very odd end to a Saturday night.

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Kristin said...

What a mess! One of my roommates had a bottle smashed on her head in college, but she didn't exactly get jumped. I'm not used to that sort of thing, not in real life.