Thursday, June 19, 2008


It happened in an instant. Just long enough for me to glance to the left, see the car and exclaim, "You are not about to do this." Then a crash. The damn Private was cited for failure to merge by the MP's (military world is wierd (at least to a reservist like me). Nothing like the police saluting you before begining the investigation), USAA found him at fault and I now have a rental. A quick trip to the ER since my neck was twinging found nothing wrong in t
I hate this town and all the driving around. 9 weeks til I can go home to DC where I drive 3-4 times a week and mostly for short trips, not the 40 some odd miles I have been doing daily lately here in Augusta.

I hope they can fix the damage, I love my Prius.

4 weeks here and a carcrash and witnessing a stabbing. God I hope this trend ends.

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Capitol Hill 20210 said...

ahhh wonderful Georgia - I have to live in Brunswick a few times for the academy down there. Interesting state - glad you are ok and no serious injuries