Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun weekend or "Why I should check the weather before heading to the Amusement Park"

A nice relaxing weekend. Took it easy on Friday night, had a few beers, some pizza and went to see Wall-E. Cure little movie, I can see why it, like almost every Pixar movie, did so well, it plays at a lot of levels.

Saturday morning I did something I hate, waking up early, to be with some of my classmates for a 6K Cross Country run. It was a lot of fun, a very challenging course, all dirt and all up or down it seemed, and I finished in 38 flat. Killed some time, bought some beer for a party (Leinenkugel... love that beer. I got both the regular and the Berry Weiss (probably like the original more but it was still really good and popular) and joined a bunch of my classmates for a cookout. Lots of fun was to be had that afternoon and that evening.

A later start than I planned on Sunday, but it was all for the best. Driving west to Atlanta I ran into some dreadful downpours that made me glad that I wasn't heading there as early as I planned. After pulling over and confirming that the front had passed I went on Six Flags Over Georgia. Everything was reopening when I got there and I had the pleasure of just being able to walk onto most of the rides. I rode most of the coasters (skipped the wooden ones, I just don't find them as entertaining anymore) and really enjoyed 2 of them, Superman (anything where you are hanging like that is cool) and Goliath (TONS of fun, the negative g's were so cool, it was like you were floating off before plunging again). Another front did come through and shut things down for a bit (I just found a dry spot and sat and read this new John Ringo novel, Yellow Eyes (a Posleen/Aldentia war novel) and waited it out). I had a funel cake before leaving and was quite satisfied with the day.

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