Friday, July 11, 2008

Week 7 of SBOLC III

Wow, its been 7 weeks.. now if only I can FFWD this a bit more and its almost time to go home.
This week we wrapped up our time at the School for Information Technology (SIT) here at Gordon. We completed our last test there and have now transitioned back to the building we started in 6 weeks ago.
Still doing PT 5 days a week at the 0530 time (whee....). This week we completed the first 2 German Proficiency Badge events, the 200m Swim (7 minutes for my age group, I did it in 5:15) and the 3000 Meter (1.85 mile) Run (standard was a blazing 14:30 (7:50 mile pace... still better than the under 30 set who have to do it in 13 minutes)) which I completed in 14:24 (yep, by a scant 6 seconds. I felt like I was going to die after I finished). The run really had me concerned and I really considered it the most like to kill my GPB goal, I feel that the rest are attainable and challanging. Next up we will be shooting (yah! I like this one) 9mm handguns at targets later next week. Then sometime soon we have a "field day", with 100M sprints, long/high jump, shotput throw,(the latter 2 actually sound like fun, as far as I can recall I have never done these) then finally a ruckmarch and test of first aid.


Kristin said...

Crazy. It seems almost as if you've been doing this forever.

Unknown said...

If it involved some kind of horse riding then it would be the modern pentathlon. Sounds like fun.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Doing PT of any kind in Georgia sucks, I know spent half my life in FLETC at Glynco aka Brunswick, GA