Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going to have to settle for Silver

I shot today for my German Proficiency badge. 5 out of 6 (2 from prone, 2 kneeling and 2 standing) with my 9mm. Qualifying me for the Silver assuming I pass the other events. I can't even blame the gun since I (unlike almost everyone else) was shooting my own pistol, my P95 Ruger (which I let a few other people borrow). I guess I will be "only" walking 20km for the Ruck March as opposed to the 30km for the Gold.... Oh wait, did I win or did I lose?

And on another note (and the more liberal readers may want to stop here).... I just bought an M4!!! I had bid on it at Gunbroker.com and it arrived at the gun store today (which I picked up before my test). So looking forward to getting this out on the range!! In particular since BOLC II really made me realize I need the extra gun time (and if it makes the liberals reading this happy, at least salve your concious that I am a Soldier and this is the weapon type I will most likely be taking overseas... and the once a year qualification is just not enough gun time).

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