Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maps? I am in the Army, I don't need no stinking maps..

Oh wait, I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, and as the saying goes, you can't get lost without LT.

So I am really missing my super-cool car that (STILL) remains in the shop... with my 2nd favorite feature (the first being the wonderful mileage that my Prius gets) being the built in GPS system. Which would have been bloody useful today as I wandered around Atlanta, in search of the Coca-Cola Museum (I was fine, I had directions and everything... until repaving of I85 caused that exit to not be available, nor any of the other ones for 3 miles... which is a lot in a major city like Atlanta). After much wandering I finally found some of the roads that matched what was on my directions and I was finally able to find the place.

Then of course I dead-reckoned a course that would take me straight to I-20 and went through some of the neighborhoods that had me VERY intent on not stopping (I got there eventually but I felt extremely concerned (and I know enough to be concerned about certain neighborhoods, this wasn't some suburb boy driving through an urban area, this section was Sketchy based on my extensive visits and living in urban areas))... Though that is a risk that a GPS would not have saved me from, it comes up with some VERY (read, not the safest) interesting routes at time.

BTW, Love you Coca-Cola! Free admission for Military! Y'all are awesome!!!! So I got to taste the drinks of the world, wander around a place dedicated to one of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages (trust me, based on the amount of Coke products I consume its like Mecca for me) and even got a nice little souvenier when I left (little coke bottle).

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Kristin said...

Sounds like an interesting trip sans GPS. Glad you found your way.