Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another year older.

How come I am always on (or just ending) military duty on my birthdays? I really need to have a conversation with Uncle Sam about that one...

Is it appropriate that I feel 2-3 times my age right now? That of course is my own fault, choosing yesterday to do the 25k Death March. But one does feel that you can feel that specter of age looming in the background, as it takes longer and longer to recover from this sort of abuse. Luckily my feet aren't as bruised as they were yesterday, but most of my lower body is seriously feeling beat up (in particular my glutes and my shins).

I do feel lucky that my parents choose to come down to visit me this weekend! It was definitely a nice "pick me up", since it spans the time since the 4th and until I can get home. I know that I spoiled but I feel blessed that I can see my parents (and almost all of my immediate family) all the time when I am at home, so going without is somewhat sad at times.

I felt that I learned stuff over the past year, got do some neat activities and see neat places and I hope that I can apply that to make the next year of my life even better.

Now I need to go take a nap (or is that birthday nap? I love how I can just add birthday to everyday activities once a year) because I am still short on sleep thanks to yesterday brilliant idea.

PS to the family that read this, replying to this post does NOT replace giving me a phone call today.....


Unknown said...

yes it does

Kristin said...

Happy birthday! How was that birthday nap? (I hope you added "birthday" to everything all day.)

MShepard said...


I ran across your blog via google when searching for bolc2/3 blogs and I've been reading up on your training experience even though I'll be going to COBC in Leonard Wood.

Just wanted to say thanks for writing it up and that my father's birthday is also 3 August.