Friday, August 08, 2008

Week 11 of SBOLC III

Another week closer to home. Overall just not an exciting week.
We spent 3 days going over some of the software tools that are being used in the JNN System. Then the other 2 days were devoted to radios of various sorts and sundries. God, the Army has a LOT of radio's, all fulfilling a certain niche. On the plus side the mostly all seem to work the same way and a fair number are programmable by a computer (entering in comm plans by hand is tedious). Some of them are pretty cool and have some neat capabilities, but I must say for a bit there we pretty much fell into the mode of, "oh look, another radio." I would like to say that enthusiasm is high but I would say that a lot of us are watching the clock/calander intently and am ready to do our time and go home.

On the plus side, we ran Willard Hill (evil .5 mile section of trail with a truly nasty grade) for the last time on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday it was sleep in time (oh, I mean individual PT time). We have the final APFT test on Tuesday and I get weighed (or in my case, taped) on Monday morning. Other than completing the field exercise this is the last graduation requirement.

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