Thursday, August 21, 2008

So tired..

I so want to write down the stories of our FTX (Field Training eXercise) but other desires take primacy... shower (no shower since Friday = beeline for a shower on Thursday evening), food (need for something far different than what was offered, hence the desperate call to Papa John's and the simple smile that comes from remembering that you had loaded the refridgerator with bottles of Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat and they were nice and cold waiting to welcome you home) and now sleep (he abilitity to even keep the eyelids open to compose this post are waning..).

Needless to say I am back, alive (though hospitalized at least for a day), tired, gassed (god, how I hate tear gas) and oh so ready to go home in just 6 days. I now am a fully qualified Signal Corp Officer in the US Army and will be affiliated with the regiment as of tomorrow. Did I say that I am ready to head home now?

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Kristin said...

Um, congratulations? Hope you're resting.