Friday, August 01, 2008

Week 10 of SBOLC III

Entering into the homestretch. Just 3 weeks and change before I can, as we reservists joke, head home to Ft. Living Room.

This week we broke up from the "flows" (man, that name sticks in my mouth... it's a seriously unmilitary name) into our Tracks (now we are talking! this sounds much more military!). About 45% of the class moved into the S6 Track (since their follow on job is more of a staff job that focuses on radio's, Blue Force Tracker, and that sort of stuff... they are also not normally headed into Platoon Leader jobs), 35% into the Division Track (this is mine. The focus is on the latest Army platoon/company level (which supports a battalion) structure, using a system called JNN-N (Joint Network Node-Network)/WIN-T (just a follow on/latest and greatest version of JNN... it even has the new holy grail, wireless access to the network on the move for the command post). Students in this track will most likely be Platoon Leaders in this new force structure), and the remaining 20% into the Network Operations Track (these guys are mainly in the fixed installation that the Army has that supports the field operations).

The splitting up the flows is good since we were completely on a different schedule from the other 26 students in the other flow and now everything has been stirred up. It means getting to see and talk with some new people!

Most of the week was powerpoint slides on how this new system works. We did have an exercise at the end where we had to put together (as a team) a presentation on a theoritical scenario where we had to specify how things would be deployed to support that scenario. It was actually kind of fun taking the task and building the end product and eventually giving the presentation to the instructor.

This week brought me closer to my GPB goal, as we had a First Aid Test (10 questions based on the Army FM that we had to get 8 right on... no retakes.). Tomorrow will be the Ruck March. 25k... We have to be there at 0300.....

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