Friday, April 04, 2008

Army BOLC II - T-Minus 2 days

Threads..... so many threads that need to be wrapped up before I leave. Thats the trend of the past couple of days (that and a bit of denial.... I still don't have all my packing done and I am leaving in around 24 hours). I did do some packing (mostly my army bits and pieces) and now I need to start getting my other stuff together. Thank god I am driving down to lovely (ha!) Ft. Benning, so I can cram a bunch of crap in my car.
I find that for me the anticipation is the worst for me.... I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should and I have a lingering sense of dread (this is a holdover from my OCS days). When I get there I will find that it wasn't that bad as I was imagining, but for now I just wait in anticipation (and thank god that its not like my OCS classmate who will be doing this same thing in a couple of months, but instead of heading for home after the training is done, he will be heading for Afganistan).

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