Sunday, June 28, 2009


It continues to amaze me the amount that we, as a society, are prone to let slide in those with talent. Be it sports (too many to count, in particular in the NFL and MLB arena), music/art (really, this is the only field where it is expected that the most skilled are expected to be addicts of some type), politics (sexual improrities as well as financial abound) and (to a lesser degree, which says something about our society) business. We just seem too be horribly accepting of their (massive) flaws and let it slide as though their skill was an excuse. In particular when the individual has recently died (human nature to not speak ill of the dead I guess).

I and at least one other blogger friend have been less than understanding about the national/international mourning for the loss of Michael Jackson... CG actually said, "I have never seen someone hate child molesters as much as you." There are few things said about me that I am as proud of as statement like that... I just cannot understand the amount of sadness/mourning for someone who has shown himself to be such as despicable human being. Rot in hell Michael.... Every bit of good will that was earned for your skill in music was lost for your depicable behavior.


Bilbo said...

Well said. I'd sure love to be able to moonwalk, but it pains me that I'd have to imitate such an individual to do it.

an orange county girl said...

Every bit of good will that was earned for your skill in music was lost for your despicable behavior.

Exactly. Yeah, yeah, whatever. He was the king of pop, blah, blah, blah. But he was a troubled person who preyed on others, particularly innocent boys. No matter the accolades he earned in the music industry, I can't forget all the bad stuff he was accused of (which in my mind, is likely to have occurred)

I refuse to mourn his death.