Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Really, in the general scheme of things? I could barely point this country out on a map, not a country that enters into my consciousness at all..

My first reaction was, "oh, another Latin America coup? Shocking, not." But since it was a slow news day I took a closer look at the reporting. And started to get angry. At my government and the news. First clue that we were on the wrong side? Chavez was taking the same stance as us. Then you get down to the facts, the guy, Zelaya, was in a feud with both his Congress and the Supreme Court there. He seemed intent on violating the rule of the land and install himself as President for life, circumventing election laws and ignoring the law.

What I think really has me cheesed off? Multiple references to a military coup...... Um... The military acted at the direction of Congress. No military leaders were placed in charge, the president of their Congress was selected to act as President pro-tem.

And from the opinion polls? Barely 30% wanted Zelaya in office. Basically it comes down that the geniuses who came up with the Constitution did not put in an impeachment capability.

Zelaya wants to violate the Constitution (at least 8 parts of it), ignored the rulings of the Supreme Court and (this is just me) is guilty of having some bad allies (Castro, Chavez, and others of his ilk). The US is in the wrong here. We should back off and let them take care of their own problems.


John said...

I plan to show my support for Honduras by not booing them as much between 9pm and 11pm next Wednesday.

an orange county girl said...

zelaya and chavez are super tight and hondurans do not want their country to turn into another venezuela. yeah, the people wanted him out. congress and the SC wanted him out. zelaya has done a lot of things to piss off the other branches of govt--ie. accept gifts from chavez, accept property from chavez,etc. i have NO IDEA why the media and the UN etc. are supportive of zelaya. i get that his forced removal and immediate exile was probably not the most democratic method of kicking him out of office, but look at the alternative--zelaya was looking to stay in office longer like other dictators we know.

it's funny how chavez hates the US but he wants us to intervene to reinstate zelaya. i don't think that the US should get involved, but at the same time, i don't want another latin american country to be led by one of chavez's sheep.