Monday, September 24, 2012

March to the Stars

March to the Stars (Empire of Man, #3)

March to the Stars (Empire of Man #3)

At long last, Prince Roger finally gets to the point where he can get to the starport and leave Marduk. But really, based on the previous books, did you think it was going to be that easy?

The defining plot turn of this series has been the steady movement of the Bronze Barbarians and their rapdily evolving charge, Prince Roger, from the frying pan into a much hotter fire. And boy, did they find the (quite literal) frying pan on the other end of the ocean. Rogers entourage has grown to include some of the notable allies that have decided to hitch their wagons to his rapidly moving star, so in the end Roger is sailing out of Kvern Cove with not just his human bodyguards but a number of Disporians and Vashin's as well.

After encountering great sea beasts and pirates, they finally run into the local culture, that it turns out, quite literally wants to kill and eat some of them as the price for passing through their territory. Fighting out of that, they find that they have picked up quite a pursing force as they find refuge with the mountain people.

The most anti climatic element of the story is the actual taking of the starport, which with the inside help from an IBI Agent is almost rushed over. But Roger and Company are not done, since in the end they must seize a starship.... Which of course, unknown until they actually board it, is staffed by a Saint Special Forces Unit (Greenpiece Brigade.... hehe).

This book also could just be called... "Slimies in Spaaaaacccceeeeee!"

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