Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

So I am late, not really surprising...
For most of us this is just another nice 3 day weekend, But this day probably means more to me now that I serve in the military (and odds are that a number of the people that I have gone through training with have already been to Iraq or Afganistan, a few have probably been injured or even killed).
I definately made time in the busy schedule of a holiday weekend to take a few moments to remember those brave souls that gave their lives to protect this, the greatest of all countries. I hope everyone does this (though I suspect that most will never even take a few seconds to think about this sort of stuff.... heck, some of them can't even bring themselves to take the few seconds it takes to remove their hat at sporting event (yeah, I am talking to you, Mr. Mid-50's guy next to me at the DC United game... don't think that some of us don't notice and keep a little mental list)). So for all of you that have served, thanks from my heart (I still don't consider what I do as service, I get embarassed when people have come up to me in uniform and thanked me... 2 years in and all I have done is train....).

God Bless all of the people who have served and paid the ultimate price and God Bless America!

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