Friday, June 01, 2007


So after a 8 year break, my gf R dragged me to my first concert in a long time (I was aiming for the decade mark but since she is all about Wolf Trap and it cost me nothing I was down with it). I did pick up a bottle of wine (a pink pinot grigio) and did drive to the event but it was basically free for me. We saw "Huey Lewis & The News", a group that I had never seen live (since my live list is pretty short). I think things were better in that instead of "rushing the lawn" we went to one of her friends place and ate there (as the insects tried to eat me.... I am starting to come up with a hate-hate relationship with nature...).

Other than that, caught up on some TV (Boston Legal Finale), introduced my roommate and gf to Settlers of Catan on the XBOX360 and started some new books.

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