Monday, June 04, 2007

Re-Use of my "Cast of Thousands"

So I went to a really small school (HB Woodlawn, one of the best HS in the area based on the way they rank schools and of course IMNSHO). My graduating class was all of 60 or so people, so even over the years to run into someone who went to my HS its a notable event. And being a big proponent of my school I am on the email listserve for it so as I was reading this latest thread (some people were complaining that this small business owner (actually 2 different ones) decided to mention their businesses and invite the members to come to the store... some moron accused them of spamming the group (though in my mind its no different than the messages that relate to artistic events that former students have undertaken or participated in... I think the inner anti-capitalist comes to the front for some of these people (my school was VERY liberal... and not in the free thinking kind, the dogmatic, lets not listen to the arguments))).
But as it turns out the sister of the woman who posted actually went to Phase I with me last summer in WV (60 people, maybe 10 women, so the name definately popped... turned out she graduated 4 years ahead of me).

Combine that with running into a girl in OCS that I used to work at with at the movie theater and you can't help but remark on how small of a world it is..

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