Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why I serve...

I have mulling this one for a while, since several people (most recently my GF) have asked what was I thinking when I joined the Army (more particularly the Virginia Army National Guard). After all, I was 28 years old, had a good job, a nice place to live and lots of things to keep me distracted.

But in 2005 I was in the recruiters office, and then MEPS (Military Entry Processing Station) to swear myself in (for my most stressful day ever, signing up for the military and learning that my offer on a condo had been accepted). I never even had the chance to move into my new place before shipping off to basic (I had been staying at my parents at the time).

There are a bunch of reasons... These are the prime ones:
  1. I LOVE this country.... and if every else thought that the other guy was willing to protect it (in whatever manner the legally elected leaders of this country direct us to act) then we wouldn't have the best people protecting it.
  2. 9/11..... 'nuff said. I was approximately 2 miles from the Pentagon on that morning.
  3. My family. My Dad is retired Navy.. I love and respect him for that and I always wanted to live up to that legacy.
There are times that I wonder what the heck I was thinking (OCS is hard and makes you wonder at times). There have even been a few dreams that I get an honorable discharge for whatever non-harming reason. But in the end I stay in and try my best. Because I have never failed or quit and I am not about to begin now.... Hooah!

I get like this sometimes, right before drill.... I made it a point not to date new women in the week before since I am sometimes not the most optimistic person right before OCS drill (since its the first time that things have not come easily for me).

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Oakley said...

Man, I'm 28 and I think about joining the Army every day. Talked to a recruiter in '03, but didn't pull the trigger. (pun totally intended)

My motivations are less noble though. I just think I'd like to blow things up and jump out of airplanes.