Sunday, April 06, 2008


On my drive to Ft. Benning I was approaching Virginia Tech (as I took the scenic route and went 29 to 64 to 81).

"Its rainy" "Its Blacksburg, odds are its rainy"

"It will take too long" "Whats the rush? Don't have to be at Benning til tomorrow evening"

"Don't wanna, bad thoughts" "Might as well face them"

So I pulled off 81, went onto the still unfamiliar 460 exit (since it wasn't there when I was a student). Popped over to the Virginia Tech exit, admired the pretty additions to Lane Stadium (way nicer than the last time I had seen it). Drove around the drillfield to Burass and walked around. I think I have to agree that the current memorial is the best, simplicity and poignant.

This all reminded me that all my personal sadness and frustation is pretty small in comparison to these people and their families.

And to top off the Tech trip, visited Soulvaki's for a Gyro and some Baklava and walked around the campus a bit.

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