Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now I really have the Olympic spirit...

Last night was the German Proficiency Badge field day. First up was the high jump. 4ft. 3in. After some horrific runs on it I finally got the hang of it and after some 15-20 times (and a tucking in of my shirt) I finally got it. Though I suspect that is why I had issues with my sprint.

Then it was the 100m sprint. Target time for my age group? 14 second. My time (and subsequent retries)? 14.4 seconds. I think I hyper extended my muscles jumping (my right butt muscles were sorely protesting even then).

And finally shot put (15lb ball, 24.5 ft target distance).. Some people did all these movements.. me, came up to the line, leaned back and hurled it for 27ft.

Here I was thinking that the high jump would get me and now I have to do the sprint again. I am getting another shot at this on Friday. I will retry the 100m and can also try for the 1000m (target time of 4:10).

I am definitely feeling achy this morning from what I did yesterday evening.

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Unknown said...

You'll definitely get it on Friday. It's tough to do so many things on one day. Hell, it's tough to do one of those things by itself.
Makes you think about how amazing the achievements by people like Phelps and Carl Lewis are.