Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 12 of SBOLC III

Last week of classes!
Monday started early, as we had a weigh in prior to our PT test on Tuesday. This meant that I was tired (dropped caffeine and any carbonated beverages since Tuesday) and somewhat hungry (went on a very precise diet). I weighed in 8lbs less than when I started the course (same bodyfat though). A generous breakfast (gotta have energy for the PT test) and then off to classes. Another exciting day of classes and then a lot of free time (no gym either) afterward.

Tuesday was the Record APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). I knocked out 60 push-ups in 2 minutes, 56 situps in 2 minutes and ran 2 miles in 15:29. All in all I scored 241 points (out of 300 possible, which was way into the passing range) based on my age and sex, 15 points better than when I took it last time. Breakfast was a combo event, we went offbase to Cracker Barrel and had our SGL (Small Group Leader), Maj Something, give us a short course and brief us on the upcoming field exercise and our roles. Another class in the afternoon and then we hosted a reception/social for the incoming class at the bowling alley (yes, I bowled... won 2 of the 3 games).

Wednesday was the last day of classes. We started the day off with an Outprocessing Brief. They returned some of our records and outlined what we needed to do to go home. Then off to classes. Following that we had the field events for the German Proficiency Badge; High Jump, Sprint and Shot-Put. After 20 attempts (and yes, I mean literally 20 runs at that damn bar.. I finally got a grasp on the style and also tucked my shirt in (yes, I was that close)) I finally cleared the 4"5' pole. However I was so pooped by the high jump that I failed on the 100m sprint, 14 seconds was the goal and my best attempt was 14.4s. The I handily hurled the shot-put for 28-29 feet. The Sargeant-Major offered to let me and a few others retest on the run on Friday. Most of us who tried went to a local steakhouse, T-Bones, for a late dinner.

Thursday began the "Road to War." We started the day with Jagerball (a sort of modified Rugby with you being frozen after getting the ball (no touch, or at least not too much)) which my side handily won even though we were outnumbered. Then we were briefed on the situation and received our Operational Order (OPORD) from higher. For this we are back into our "flows" though now we are calling ourselves Platoons (Red and White). Each days leadership has to put together the requirements and build up the information/planning for the coming time in the field (Sunday - Thursday). Everyone was assigned various positions over time (some as Platoon Leaders, other who had to visit 15th Signal (AIT for Signal Soldiers) and assist their training, or work in NMOC (Central Command Post). I and a few of my buddies get the first shift in the NMOC.

Friday morning I tried the 1000m run, failed it (hate running in the morning and overextended myself). I still felt REALLY sore from the jumping today but was offered the chance to try the 1o0m again in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent testing and prepping the equipment that we will use and prepping our briefings for the coming days. As noted I passed the run and am good for the Badge!

Early morning tomorrow (0430 formation). Heading to bed soon. Should have some good pictures and stories from this exercise when I get back.

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