Monday, June 04, 2007


So it was a good weekend. Dinner with the Parents on Friday. Race for the Cure on Saturday morning (bad trend here, waking up earlier on the weekends than on the weekdays) where I got a repspectable 25 minutes. I so know how to run this race now, though I suspect that it will be my last (way too crowded). Amazingly I managed to link back up with everyone that I went there with (my family has a habit of losing people during races.... how they manage not to see me boggles the mind).

Saturday also involved a hike with the GF ( which was kind of fun, to learn some stuff while getting a little walking in. Luckily the rain held off and it was a pretty good event (and the off to one of my favorite bars in Rosslyn, Continental..... love places that have a happy hour on a Saturday (until 9 no less)). Then we popped over to El Pollo Rico for some chicken and fries (awesome stuff) and finished Casino Royale (great movie, enjoyed it a lot.... though I think that modern spycraft isn't as entertaining as it was.... there was a lot of cell phone stealing in this film).

Then I wasted my Sunday. Class Meeting for OCS. At the RTI.... so 3+ hours each way (and in the rain, combined with leaving early (0700)). All for a little over 3 hours of talking... I can't wait until this bit is over. 6 weeks until Phase III. Dinner with the family (GF met my parents... can't have been easy for her). Then it was Clerks II on HD-DVD.... Love Kevin Smith films.

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