Friday, June 08, 2007

I am a moron..

What the frack possessed me to go out for a 6 mile run on the hottest (to date) day of the year, in its full Washington (read: muggy beyond belief) glory at noon!?!? But I survived and I suppose I am all the better for it (given that I am training for a marathon in October and hell... I mean Alabama in the middle of the summer... probably really good training for that, though no matter what I do it sucks.).
But at least I will have a fun weekend (which yet again involves getting up early). Tonight is a bday party for a friend of the GF. On Saturday I have to go on a "Staff Ride" tomorrow with a retired general who will be giving us a briefing and then a walking tour of Cold Harbor (which is actually pretty). It could be interesting if it wasn't so darn early. Then another bday party for another of the GF's friends. Sunday its off to Hershey Park.... so ready for some rollercoaster goodness..

Now I just need to cross my fingers that my roommate finds a job, so that I don't have to look for a replacement if she heads up to NYC....

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