Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend of Movies

Ah, a glorious free weekend. Other than getting up early on Saturday for my CQ shift (and having to shave, something that I generally avoid on the weekends (to give the poor face a break)) it was a nice weekend. I hit the gym on Saturday and Sunday (we have a really nice gym, brand new)

Yep, that's a climbing wall in the background. Off to the left there is 2 full sized basketball courts down the hall.

There is also a pool at the gym. Note the hottub. I will so be using that in the coming weeks.

So basically I used this time to recharge (read that as, being away from everyone I had to be with during the week. I like them a lot but I do need my "me" time to recharge.). I did do dinner and a movie with some classmates but mostly it was focused on getting things lined up for next week and getting mentally prepared.

There actually is a movie theater here on post. Carmike Cinema's seems to have this area locked up and while the theaters aren't the biggest (and for the discount one somewhat rundown) they do use some pretty good technology (primarily DTS, allowing them to digitally distribute the film and also makes sure that nothing happens to the quality of the presentation since there is no degradation of the picture due to repeated use).

I saw the following movies (in order of attendance)

  • The Ruins - weak movie. Further confirms why I hate plants. definitely was cheering for the people who worked to confine that evil plant.

  • The Superhero Movie - moderately amusing. Very juvenile humor but fun overall. About what I was expecting.

  • Drillbit Taylor - Saw this with a few other BOLC II Students. eh. Standard teen film schlock. definitely not on par with some of the recent shows like Superbad or whatnot.

  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets - This movie was plain old fun. I loved the first one and really enjoyed this sequal.

I figure that I will be seeing a lot of movies over the next 20 weeks. There are a couple that I am really excited about, in particular Iron Man and the new Indiana Jones movie

Overall I am ready to face the coming week. We have a couple of events coming up, primarily Combatives (basically a hybred martial arts class) on Tuesday-Thursday, a 5 mile Ruck March on Friday (that means no PT. I will ruck any day over doing PT (in particular running)), start BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) training this week and also have to attend a mandatory reception on Tuesday evening (could be interesting, probably not.).

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Kristin said...

Nice gym, in a non-smarmy, Eddie Haskell sort of way. I like it.

I feel like I haven't seen a movie in ages.