Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BOLC II - Week 2 - Day 3

It was COLD this morning(high 30's, low 40's). Luckily PT this morning was a run (1.5 miles to field, ab workout, then 1.5 mile Indian/Last Man run back to barracks). Then it was time for a quick shower, don the Combative Uniform, hit the chow hall and then off to combatives.
After a bunch of review we learned a couple of additional items that completed our level 1 combatives training, mainly holds and bars. Then after lunch we were back at the field where we spent the next 2 hours sparring with each other (below is a picture of the mad rush that we did to get us into the spirit... charging on our knees, the correctly worn shirts vs the inside out shirts)

Then they split us up into our weight classes and then had us spar in competition until there is only 2 people left from each weight group. Those people will represent the platoon at the company level competition tomorrow.

After we were done for the day at combatives we returned back to the company area for a bunch of classes. Basically everyone has to present a class during BOLC II so that they can prove to the cadre that they can prepare and present a subject that is selected for them in a comfortable and professional manner. We definitely stayed later than the other platoons as we also then had the 2 lieutenants who were in charge of the ruck march present their OPORD (Operational Order for that event). Then it was off to catch dinner before it closed and then back up to the barracks to work on what needs to be done (for me and many people it involved making sure that our equipment was in compliance with the SOP (standard operating procedures) for the rucksack and MOLLE gear (basically the vest that we wear around us to hold all our stuff, canteens, ammo pouches, etc)).

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