Thursday, April 17, 2008

BOLC II - Week 2 - Day 4

Temperatures seem to be returning to normal. Today decidely did not have the distinct coldness that has defined the past few days. PT again was at 0600. Mainly an ab and upper body workout.
Then off to combatives. Today we warmed up, had a few sparring/grudge matches inside our platoon and then had a quick "battle royal" (basically we all line up on out knees, team up and then advance at the other team. if you win your person then you can assist your buddies.... this leads to the most tenacious people getting brought down by packs of people at the end). I finally held my own only to be sideswiped just as I was about to put my opponent in a hold.

Then our champions (2 from each weight category) were sent from our platoon to participate in a tournament. There was only one injury (someone had their shoulder dislocated) and it was lots of fun to watch, since you knew these people and had just received training in the same techniques that they were using. Our plattoon won one of the categories (didn't pay attention to who won the others).

After a very abrievated lunch (which we were told to hurry through) we then waited around for a while to get issued our weapons and controlled items (everyone gets an M4, some get a M203 grenade launcher as well that is mounted under the barrel of the M4. They all have CCO (Close combat optics) that can be mounted, basically you have a red dot and just put it on the target and shoot. We also got issued a NOD (Night optic device), basically a monicle that is mounted on your helmet so that you can see at night. The final item is a IR laser. This combined with the NOD allows you to have the hollywood effect where you can place the laser on the target and then just pull the trigger. Can't wait to give that a try!!! (yes, I am National Guard and all we have back at my unit is M16A2... we have the CCO but havent mounted any on our weapons... good luck in ever seeing some of this stuff again). Lots of waiting around and looking it over.

Then some BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) classes, followed by some more of the student led classes. After that we returned to the company area and verified that everyone had things set up for the ruck march tomorrow (that their equipment was in compliance with the SOP) and had a quick class on how to use the radios that the Army uses (I will be getting plenty of practice in this at my next school starting in June).

Off to bed early for the 0400 (yikes) wakeup, 0430 formation for the 5 Mile Ruck March tomorrow.

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Kristin said...

Ouch. 0400 is really early. And dislocated shoulders hurt. And 0400 is really early.