Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BOLC II - Week 2 - Day 2

Standard PT 0600. Focus on Pushups and Situps. Its REALLY COLD for Ft Benning in the middle of April. Everyone was in their IPFU (Improved Physical Fitness Uniform), hats and gloves.

After that, we had breakfast, changed (I went old school with my BDU's... It will probably be the last time I wear them as they cease to be an authorized Army uniform as of the end of the month) and then it was off to Combatives. Another interesting bit is that we had to wear tennis shoes for this event, very odd combo, a uniform and tennis shoes. We really focused on the basics, as a number of people, myself included, had never done this stuff before.

After 3 good hours of training I learned a lot, then we broke for lunch (below you can see us flocking off to chow)

After lunch we had another 2.5 hours of training. Most other people's knees were getting pretty raw at this point (as well as my own) and I know that all of us were glad for the break

Above you can see my platoon conducting our required AAR (After Action Review) that we conduct after every training event. A quick trip back to the barracks, shower and then grab and early dinner so that we can make the required social event this evening.

Social thing was a standard Army thing. There were a number of Captains through Colonels and on Brigadier General from a couple of different branches thought the bulk were from the Infantry (of course, given that this is the home of the Infantry). 400 Lieutenants in one place in the officer club. I am sure that is more than a few NCO's worst nightmare....

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