Tuesday, April 08, 2008

BOLC II - Day 1

Inprocessing. Lots of paperwork. Briefings. The standard Army struggle to stay awake. Woke up at 520, first formation at 550. I further confirmed my whole "world is small theory" and ran into a number of classmates from last summer (as well as another Virginia 2LT that I didn't even know was coming).

They kept us busy in briefings until 1530 (330pm) and then we did PT. Lord I am/was tired from that workout (They really pushed us... kind of a way of the cadre introducing themselves). I got tagged as the Platoon Sargeant for this week. Lucky me and my D&C (Drill and Ceremony) skills. Lots of little tasks that needed to be handled (working with my SL (Squad Leaders) and my PL (Platoon Leader.... poor lady is a Direct Commission who never had any Army training until now.... talk about being thrown in the deep end). We had to set up a CQ (charge of Quarters) for the evening. This is a task that rotates among the platoons of a Company based on whose cadre has to stay in the barracks that evening. Missed chow so I had to settle for grabbing something from a fast food place (went as healthy as I could... APFT on Thursday so I have been eating lightly) when I stopped by the PX (Post Exchange).

I am so tired. I was asleep almost the minute my head hit the bed.


Rebecca said...

It's like you're speaking Japanese...I seriously didn't understand half of what you were saying.

danielobvt said...

and here I thought I was being nice and translating some of my acronym soup.