Monday, April 07, 2008

BOLC II - Zero Day

After a final push I finally arrive at BOLC II, located in the heart of Ft. Benning. I actually took it pretty easy, taking my time to stop, stretch and do some pushups (the dreaded PT is due shortly). I don't think I have been eating enough because I am so anxious about passing the weight/tape test.

Check in was fast (I showed up in uniform since I saw some things saying I should). Turns out I didn't have to. Its sticky down here, lots of humidity in the air. Met my new roommate (who went to undergrad at VCU). Didn't see any other familiar faces but this being the Army that is due to happen. Now to build a list of stuff I need to buy (starting off with a fan... barracks are AC'd but its still stuffy in them). Then off to bed (at 1030..... oh yeah, the high life).

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