Tuesday, April 08, 2008

BOLC II - Day 2

Another day down. Early morning (0500)... the joy of being in charge and having to make sure everything is set. A nice PT session (a warmup run to the field and then lots and lots of ab and upper body workouts). Then back, a nice shower and then time to talk to our Platoon Mentor (he is a Captain with combat experience). Due to some SNAFU (Situation normal, all f'd up) we were first told to come back at 1245 by the 1SG (1st Sargeant, the senior sargeant in the company (in this case a fellow 2lt appointed to that position)). Who then redirected and then mimarched (I was in the formation and cracking up..... so confirming theories on why officers can't march). A quick meeting with the Chaplain.

Later after a long lunch break (yah! made some phone calls) and then off to Finance briefings. This was most joyful as it confirmed that I would in fact be getting BAH for my condo.. since this represents 1600 dollars its quite a big deal. Congress just passed a law because for a while reservists who were in training didn't get anything.

Then some more paperwork. Then I was off. I went shopping to the PX and then to Rangers Joe's (where I got my rank and patches sewn onto my BDU's for use next week) and then a light dinner. A few more meetings to clear things up with the PL and then it was off to an early bed.

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