Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BOLC II - Day 3

Ah, the special Army joy this morning. We had to wake up special early (first formation at 0430) for a drug test. Probably the most efficient one that I have ever seen (they have it down to an art when dealing with 200 soldiers). Then we had a very light PT session (as we have a PT test tomorrow), a very light breakfast for me and then off to more briefings
Another light lunch, the off to CIF (Central Issuing Facility) to get my gear. Another 2 duffle bags full of things useful (rucksack, poncho and liner, sleeping bag) and not (cold weather underwear, gortex jacket). Then we had Company issue (the dreaded IBA, Interdictor Body Armor with 2 plates in it. This is the standard body armor of the Army and works pretty well, though is bulky and heavy as sin) as well as an LBV (Load bearing vest) so that useful things like canteens and magazines for weapons can be easily accessed.
A few more misc tasks and then we were done for the day. I took the chance to get in a nap and then walked the route that we would be using for the PT test tomorrow (a big 1 mile track that we run twice). Also met a new soldier to my platoon, a 2LT from Albania. Then a very light chow, some goofing on the Internet and now shortly a very early bedtime for the 420 formation tomorrow.

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